Next Level Website Workshop

Configure. Customize. & Go Live.

Next Level Orlando Website Workshop Starting Soon! 

December 16th at 9am!

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You missed out!

 Limited Availability - Secure your Seat!

Next Level Website Workshop Includes 

Today, web tools are everywhere! And if your web tools don't allow customers to move quickly online...they move on.  If you run a service based business, you already understand the importance of an Online Booking Website.  A place where your customers select a date and pay directly on your Website is powerful!  
We help you Configure, Customize and Go Live!  
Agenda Workshop
  • Professional Domain Name
  • Security Configurations SSL
  • Professional Email Configuration
  • Bank Level Secure Payment Integrations
  • Unlimited Sales Pages
  • Learn how to drive your Sales Process & repeat it again & again 
  • Ownership of your Process & Digital Assets

 Customized Booking Website

Stop Letting third party sites take your content, process and customer insights.

Get in the Drivers Seat of your Business and Maintain Control!  

  • Lifetime Calendar - No Monthly Calendar Fees 
  • All in One Booking Engine
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Unlimited Staff Members
  •  Email Notifications to Customers 
  • Email Notifications to Staff & Owners
  • Unlimited Services to offer
  • Unlimited Appointments & Events
  •  Coupon Management
  • Real Web Coach to help you Configure. Customize & Go Live! 
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Must Haves

Working Computer

Winning Attitude

You at the Pre Configuration Session

You at the Workshop (8 hours)


Who is this Workshop for?

It can benefit anyone who wants to learn how to build a service based website.  This workshop is best for  Small Businesses & Professionals who need a way for customers to set an appointment, pay your service fee and receive communications regarding their booking.   Moreso, this workshop helps you deliver a smooth easy process that your customers will Love.  

This course is not for anyone who has a high level understanding of Web Development.   

Newbies!! We've got you Baby! 

Best For: Service Contractors, Stylists, Gyms, Spas, Consultants, Instructors, Schools, or anyone who wants to learn how to build a service based website. 

How long is the Workshop?

The workshop is intense. We work hard and stay focused.  In most cases 4 - 5 hours can do the job.  However we can't control technical difficulties, therefore we ask for a full 8 hour day...just in case!  🤩 

A recording of your workshop is also available, for Lifetime access. No additional charges for the recordings - ever. 

What payment options do you Offer?

One time - Online Credit or Debit.  

What is a Stack?

Stack is another way of Saying Software development tools. But don't worry, we don't expect you to code. However, we teach you where code lives and how to place.  This stack Involves Wordpress and we use the Codex! But that's just jargon, in class come to understand your stack is packed with Power. 💥💥💥💥  

Do I need a Computer?

Yes. It's advised that you bring your computer. A laptop computer is perfect. Tablets and phones are not a good idea for this Workshop. 

What are the Computer Requirements?

You a computer that can access the internet that's all. Avoid Tablets and Phones for this workshop.  Yes. You can work from a tablet and phone, but for this project we require everyone bring their laptop.  

You also need to be comfortable connecting your banking account details with your newly configured website. To benefit from payment integrations, you need a social security number, and a business banking account. 

do you offer Refunds?

Be certain you are making a good faith effort to attend - participate & complete this workshop. Once you enroll, the Workshop begins.  There is value packed into every step.  There is no way for us to pull this back. 

Please do not enroll if you are not a legitimate business, or if you are shaky, uncertain, or curious.  We are are reserving this for local sincere business people.  

We understand things happen and somethings are beyond our control.  That's why with proof extenuating circumstances we issue refunds.  Our money back guarantee covers those who attend the workshop in good faith.  We are completely certain we can help you configure, customize and go live.  If for any reason we can not, we refund you.  

Added Goodies

Decorative PnG

Service Calendar Integration

You're going to love this  Calendar System to allow your clients to make appointments that go directly on your calendar and customers can add to their calendar too!   This item Saves you hundreds of dollars  with no monthly fees!  Goodie!  

webdesign 3

Integrate Online Payments 

 Allow your customers to pay when they schedule without having to leave your site.  No code  -  Bring your banking details and your Corporate info for best connection. We don't view it. We show you where to put it!  Goodie! 

webdesin 2

Zoom or Google Meet

Need to meet clients live online, no problem.  We configure your site to work with tools you're already using.  Zoom or Google Meet work great and integrate with your new Booking Engine! 

More Goodies

Packages 2 Png

Create Packages 

Allow customers to buy more than one service at time by creating packages.  Set your prices to create bundles that attract more purchases.  

dec. png

Custom Field Forms

Collect any custom info needed from your customers on check out.  Get notified and get prepared to serve your customers at a hight level.  

Custom Calendar

Customize Your Calendar

Let your Calendar reflect your brand. Your colors, fonts, logos and more. No confusion about your brand. Let your customers know it the brand they know and trust...No more third party calendars. Deal Direct. 

Optional Goodies

secure hosting 4

Continued Secure Hosting

Continue your secure web hosting with us after 30 days or transfer your site to a preferred hosting company.  No questions asked we submit your transfer.  Of course, we hope you stick with us! 

secure maintenance png

Maintenance & Updates

We like to brag about our 99.9% uptime, but let's face it nothing is 100%.  Updates are ongoing and when you host with us we keep you site clean and updated no additional charge.  Goodie! 

content creation

Content Creation

We live in a world of AI and tricks to keep Websites full.  However, if you need a highly customized job that requires original content to convey your special messages, let our team craft it for you.  - Additional. 

Heck Yea!

I'm In!

Real Live People to help you Configure. Customize. and Go Live! 

Workshop Begins when you enroll!

Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

We are real people. You work with us in Orlando. If for any reason your website is not up and running at the end of the workshop, we definitely give you your money back. We promise we can show you how to Configure - Customize & Go Live! 

Workshop Location


771 S. Kirkman Rd. Suite 110

Orlando, Fl. 32811

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